May 2020 E-News

“Essential”. . . But Unfunded?

Why Child Care is Collapsing

A blog by by Pete Nabozny, Director of Policy, The Children’s Agenda

The New York Times recently ran an excellent and depressing opinion piece titled “Say Hello to That New Spin Studio and Goodbye to Your Child Care.” It articulates the perilous situation faced by parents, children and child care providers in the wake of the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis. Parents who have been at home with their young children for months are looking forward to getting back to work. Unfortunately, they may come to realize that their child care program won’t be able to take their kids back. Children, whose lives have been disrupted by this crisis and thrive on stable relationships with caregivers, may not be able to return to a familiar care setting.

As the article notes, child care, unlike K-12 education, is primarily funded in the United States through private payments ... (Read More)

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#GivingTuesdayNow kicks off TCA's mid-year appeal

#GivingTuesdayNow was a new global day of giving and unity on May 5th.  It kicked off TCA's mid-year appeal and donors turned out in a big way to support The Children's Agenda in this time of community and global crisis.  

In total, 55 donors participated in #GivingTuesdayNow, surpassing our goal of 50, raising over $15,000.  Thanks so much to our Board Chair, Bill Destler and his wife, Rebecca Johnson, who led the charge with a $10,000 gift.

The support of the community means so much to us in this time of great need.  As our community begins to re-emerge from this crisis, know that #AdvocacyNeverStops and neither do we at The Children's Agenda.  

Especially now, The Children’s Agenda will lift up the needs of all children, particularly those at disproportionate risk because of the lack of family income, adequate medical care, child care or other family supports.

In the coming weeks, please look for your mid-year appeal in the mail, or if you would like to make a donation today, please click here 

Thank you for your support!

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Reduced Harm to RCSD Students in Grueling Budget Year

A blog by bEamonn Scanlon, Education Policy Manager, The Children’s Agenda

The RCSD 2020-21 Budget had an $86 million gap to close. The main reason was a lack of state funding (Foundation Aid) to meet children’s academic and social-emotional needs. Under these circumstances TCA looked for solutions that made the best of a terrible financial situation. The RCSD Board of Education adopted many of our proposed changes including... (Read more) 

TCA analysis of City of Rochester budget coming soon...

On May 15th, Mayor Warren released her proposed budget for 2020-21. 

The Children’s Agenda will once again analyze the budget’s impact on children and youth and offer recommendations for City Council to consider as they deliberate and vote on the budget on June 16th.  We will look closely at expenditures directed toward young people, such as Recreation and Youth Services, public libraries, and portions of the Rochester Police Department budget.  

In a challenging budget year like this one, it’s more important than ever that we protect City services and programs that touch the lives of children, especially those who are vulnerable.  

Tools are available in Spanish and English

Doctors Are Open!

ROC the Future needs your help to reach every family in the City of Rochester and Monroe County so that parents know that safety is a priority when it comes to transportation and care for kids.

If families need a ride, arrangements can be made with RTS through your provider to schedule transportation. Read the latest here in City Newspaper.

Please help us spread the message of #DoctorsAreOpen by using the hashtag and tagging @rocthefuture on social media.  Click here for our Social Media Tool Kit.

National TCA partner summarizes potential federal Coronavirus response legislation

The Children's Agenda is a proud member of the Partnership for America's Children, a national organization that supports a network of 52 state and local children’s advocacy organizations in 41 states.  

Recently, the Partnership analyzed the key supports for children and families in the latest federal bill responding to the coronavirus epidemic. The bill potentially has implications in a number of areas, including child care, health care, stimulus relief, unemployment benefits, paid sick and family leave, housing assistance, nutrition, education, and much more.   While the House has passed the bill, the Senate has yet to take it up.    

While the House has passed the bill, the Senate has yet to take it up.  For more details, click here.

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